How it all started

Early 2019

The beginning

In 2019, PainWorth co-founder Mike Zouhri was injured by a drunk driver. Worse yet: the driver of the car fled the scene of the accident.

The good news was that the drunk driver responsible for the car accident was eventually caught, but the bad news was that the driver had left Zouhri severely injured, with permanent damages that will last a lifetime.

As a result of his injuries, Zouhri started to look for a lawyer to help him claim for damages.

Painworth Co Founder Mike Zouhri in a hospital bed after a car accident personal injury

It should have been a straight-forward and pain-free process, but it wasn't. Zouhri quickly learned that the legal services industry is fundamentally broken, expensive, restrictive, slow, confusing, and⁠—overall⁠—dysfunctional.

Zouhri was left frustrated and with no clear answer on what his pain and suffering, his bodily injuries, and his future loss of income was worth—or when, if ever, he’d even be compensated.  

Late 2019

The Start of PainWorth

Zouhri and his co-founders started this passion project to help other people pursuing their own personal injury claims—and to fix the fundamental problems they saw with how the insurance industry, personal injury lawyers, and personal injury victims interacted.

Using data science and an easy-to-use app, PainWorth has helped bring clarity, accessibility, and affordability to the legal system.

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Meet our founders

Mike Zouhri
Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Trudel
Co-Founder & CTO