Our Team

Meet the faces behind PainWorth

Mike Zouhri - Co Founder

This guy does nothing for us. He got hit by a car⁠—anyone can do that. We're just posting his photo as a PSA in case he tells you he had a more important role with the company, or something.

Chris Trudel - Co Founder

This man is our technical wizard. He can (probably) trace his genealogy back to Merlin, or at least to Charles Babbage. He makes it easy for you to settle your own personal injury case. Fast. Stress-free.

Aaron Budnick, CIP

This is the model T-1000; but we just call him Aaron. He's our Director of Operations, and his sole purpose is to absolutely crush tasks, documents, sales, corporate materials and other important business stuff.

He co-led the team's creation of the adjuster product and he will not slowdown, he will not stop, and he will not rest until every objective is terminated.

Russel Krause

Russel is the person who inspired Leonardo Da Vinci to say, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

He distills our software's complex processes into simple steps and shields our end users (and stakeholders!) from too much complexity.

At PainWorth he is our product delivery manager, and he helps to keep our team focused on a united vision. Russel has been fortunate enough to help build two award-winning products in the past and is looking forward to another huge success with PainWorth.

Filip Sierpinski

This is Filip, our Director of Business Development. At PainWorth he sets up new partnerships, develops new business opportunities, and works with our customers to ensure our product is providing value and servicing their needs.

Some of the hobbies Filip enjoys are beach volleyball, tennis, and travelling the world. Oh, and he talks to his microphone in his free time, so if you want to work on your personal development, check out his podcast called "Your Next Chapter."

Claire Harrison, BSc, MBA

Claire is our senior software developer.  Some say she was born knowing how to write code and squash bugs.  Her mission is to help computers solve problems.

She loves to travel, and rumour has it that she invented the infinite improbability drive so she could introduce poetry to the Vogons.

Mathew Blimke, JD

This is Matthew. He is an ageless immortal and also the world's nicest guy.

When he's not modelling, he does lawyer things like providing us with legal advice and general counsel.

Mostly that just means reminding us to play nice, pick-up our toys, and say sorry when we break things (like an outdated justice system).

Gauri Kathuria

Meet Gauri. Her eyes are much sharper than her photo which is why she's our software quality assurance analyst here at PainWorth.

With her eagle eyes and nose for trouble, Gauri can spot a bug from a mile away and keeps our site running as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Shehraj Singh

Shehraj just joined the team! Bio and handsome photo coming soon!

Muhammad Umer

This is Umer! At PainWorth, he is our software developer intern and helps to produce creative solutions to various issues, has a knack for optimizing software, and loves to get his hands on any project he can. Working under the guidance of our technical wizard Chris Trudel, might Umer be a sorcerer-in-training?

In his spare time, he doesn't spend it coding. Umer also enjoys spending his time working out, chugging coffee and Monster energy drinks. Although highly suspected as a major caffeine addict, Umer tries to argue that his previous blood test, which showed his blood as 200% coffee & Monster, was a probably a mismeasurement.

Our Advisors

Andrew Arruda, JD

Every decent legaltech startup needs a celebrity association, like Andrew. Many of you probably already know all about him. Some of you likely have his posters up on your walls.

As the founder of the ultra-hot legal research platform, ROSS intelligence, he has been featured in more gossip magazines than we can count for pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in the law.

Ashif Mawji

When we have a mess we can’t solve, we call Ashif. If Hollywood gave James Bond a knack for tech entrepreneurship and a desire need to give back, Bond might have been named Mawji.

He has scaled more tech and participated in more exits, nonprofits and top secret national security briefings than all our founders combined. He’s an international man of excitement but with fewer bullets and much more family time.

Braden Bosch

We accidentally started the meme about “sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads” by describing Braden at a public event. Half human, half shark; pure insuretech badass. He’s the guy you want helping you navigate the waters with the big insurance companies.

We’re not sure if it’s out of fear of him or respect for him, but we do know that the big guys stopped trying to push us around since he joined.

Bryan Saunders, BSc

This is Bryan. He's sort of like a horse whisperer—but for people. He has background in neuroscience, psychology, & marketing and he advises us on how to market ourselves and how to make things easier to use.

Colin Lachance, LLM

Colin is a legaltech OG. He’s a rebel who doesn’t colour within the lines. He shook up the legal industry for over 25 years just because he felt like it. And he’s not sorry either. His peers call him “persistent,” “disruptive,” and “an instigator,” but mostly, they just call him “visionary.”

When the robots finally take over and then sue everyone, it will be because of his pioneering work opening up legal data and applying Artificial Intelligence.

Ed Walters

Ed has been democratizing the law as the head honcho at Fastcase since 1999.  He’s an advocate for strong coffee, streamlined Keynote presentations, short meetings, open law, and the Oxford comma.

Although he couldn’t get admitted to either Georgetown Law or Cornell Law School, he somehow manages to also teach at both schools in alternating semesters—you just never know how things will turn out.

Kyla Sandwith, MPS

A cosmic accident merged the wonderful world of Disney with the stodgy world of law and we got Kyla, the founder of De Novo inc. She is basically an imagineer for legal service delivery.

When lawyers, law firms and corporate counsel get tired of living in the dark ages, she injects a little bibbity-bobbity magic, innovation and creative thinking, that makes problems disappear.

Martha Schrader

Martha advises us on on all things at the intersection of data, transformation, and technology.

Water into wine via a Star Trek replicator? Bzzzt! It's done!

Using her past experience as a VP at Northbridge Financial, she also helps us turn low-tech insurance industry caterpillars into high-tech insurance industry butterflies!

Mini Kohli

This is Mini! Her name is short for “Minimal Chef Skills.” Although this is so, she is endeavoring to improve this as she has just recently turned vegan.  

She also has a daughter who forces her to stay on shore instead of doing one her favorite hobbies: diving with sharks!  

She has joined our advisory and we are excited to be working with her. She is a defense lawyer who happens to be the VP of Legal Services at Crawford & Company where she works on insurance defense.

Obviously, she brings an incredibly important counter-perspective on settlements.

Rick Merrill, JD

Rick is an expert at using data & analytics to make  predictions about the outcome of lawsuits. That real estate dispute that's going to happen on the planet Mars in 2063? Rick already knows who's going to win.

When he's not creating awesomely futuristic legal technology, Rick loves skiing, golfing, and playing chess. You won't beat him at chess: not only is he very competitive, but he already knows your next move.

To relax, Rick uses his tech-enabled psychic powers to guess the final scores of upcoming college football games with over 85% accuracy.

Sean Morrow, CIP

Sean is a tech guy, a software guy, an Amazon plus Martini guy, but mostly he’s an expert insurance guy—he’s kind of has to be, as the head of one of western Canada's largest insurance brokerages.

He advises in any of those areas where appropriate; though he might advise more, or less, depending on the number of martinis he's had.

Tammie Kip

Tammie is an avid traveller, perpetual seeker of wisdom and knowledge, and author. She literally wrote the book on how to settle an injury claim!

Whether it be hiking the hills of Croatia or meditating in Fiji, Tammie channels the energy of the universe into her work and embodies leadership while helping individuals and organizations achieve success by influencing change, championing leaders, and increasing awareness within one’s self and others.

At PainWorth, she has joined our advisory team and is currently helping us with the onboarding process and training of adjusters. Having her on our team already makes us feel less stressed about our personal injury claims.⁠


Here are some of the past employees, student interns, and co-founders who have helped us along the way: Aaron Sun, Artie Liu, Alexandre Trepanier, Baldwin Kah, Baksheesh Kaur, Bashir Osman, Bryan Saunders, Danielle Evans, Jacob Cathro, James Christie, Jason Chung, Justin Macfayden, Kailey Durante, Maithrreye Srinivasan, Monir Hossain, Muhammad Umer, Richard Reukema, and Ryan Bencic.