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Is The Injury I Suffered in a Car Accident Serious Enough to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim?

Jacob Cathro
Content Writer

In Canada, about 95% of all motor vehicle accident injuries are determined to be “non-serious” in nature. As such, it’s not surprising that one of the most common questions we’re asked at PainWorth is: “is the injury I suffered in a car accident serious enough to pursue a personal injury claim?”

The answer, yes! If you’ve been injured by another motorist in any way, you are likely entitled to some sort of compensation.

The problem? Most lawyers won’t take your case if your potential payout isn’t substantial enough to benefit both of you. This leaves many people stranded, as access to justice can become more expensive than the payout received from a settlement.

What should I do if my injuries are minor?

Just because you only sustained minor injuries in a car accident doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to compensation. Many lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning there are limited (or no) upfront costs to the claimant. This can be a great setup for those who have suffered injuries that will result in a large payout, but often leaves those who sustained minor injuries unable to get legal help since their settlement isn’t high enough to benefit both them and their lawyer.  

Enter PainWorth, our innovative personal injury calculator that is free to try and can automate your personal injury claim —providing you with a faster, fairer, and easier settlement.

PainWorth gathers information from the claimant on the nature of their incident, including:

  • Where the incident occurred
  • If it was a motor vehicle incident or another type of personal injury claim
  • Who was at fault
  • What types of injuries you sustained and their severity
  • If your injuries are resolved? If not, are you receiving treatment?

This information helps us match your case up to similar cases  using our patent-pending algorithm, and allows us to determine what your pain and suffering is likely worth.

But pain and suffering is just one component of a claim. It is also extremely important to understand the effect your injuries have had, and will have, on your life. This includes:

  • Your loss of income
  • Your loss of housekeeping ability
  • The cost of your care
  • Any additional expenses (such as transportation) that you have accrued to deal with your injuries

If your injury was minor enough that some of these categories don’t apply to you, don’t worry, you can leave them blank!

PainWorth will then take all the information you have provided, and it will then provide a breakdown of exactly what you may be entitled to for each category listed above, as well as an estimate for the legal costs you may incur while pursuing your claim.

You can even view the court documents for each and every case displayed as comparable to your own.

How does this help me?

The breakdown of the value of your injuries, as well as an estimate of the legal costs you may be subject to in order to deal with them will help you answer your questions:

  • Is the injury you suffered in a car accident serious enough for you to pursue a personal injury claim in court?
  • Is the settlement that the insurance company offering fair?
  • How much should you ask the insurance company for?
  • How much will it cost to hire a lawyer to represent me versus negotiating directly with the insurance company on my own?

This information is provided by PainWorth for free, and can help you avoid long settlement delays and what can often be unnecessary legal costs.

PainWorth is an innovative platform that uses machine learning to automate the bodily injury claims settlement process. PainWorth is the easiest way for personal injury claimants and insurance industry professionals to calculate the value of bodily injuries and settle claims faster.  Try it for free today and make your settlement faster, fairer, and easier!

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