PainWorth Acquires California Legal-Tech startup ProSe Claims as PainWorth Prepares for Expansion Into the USA

Bryan Saunders
Director of Growth, Marketing, & UI/UX

PainWorth announced this week that they have acquired California legal-tech startup ProSe Claims.

“The acquisition of ProSe Claims is a valuable addition to the portfolio of PainWorth, and corresponds perfectly with our values and goals,” noted PainWorth CEO Mike Zouhri.

This timely acquisition will help PainWorth with its expansion into key US markets after validating the need for a free and easy-to-use personal injury claims app in Canada.

This acquisition also builds off of the momentum of PainWorth’s launch of their new “Pro Portal”, a pay-per-use professional insurance claims adjustment app.

New Team Members

With the acquisition of ProSe Claims, key members of the company will also be joining PainWorth, including Co-Founder, and CEO, Justin MacFayden.

As MacFayden explained, this decision was simply a natural fit, and working together will speed up the process of adapting the PainWorth app to the USA and American legislation.

“Americans pay the highest medical costs in the world, so the ProSe Claims and PainWorth technologies together are urgently needed to help people involved in car accidents, medical malpractice suits, or even assault and battery cases―simply and through an app,” MacFayden stated.

So What is ProSe Claims?

ProSe Claims is a free resource that connects people to affordable legal solutions using a comprehensive directory of virtual legal services with a user-friendly search engine.

What Exactly Does ProSe Claims Do?

ProSe Claims guides users through their search for alternatives to traditional legal representation—allowing clients to confidently self-represent—and greatly reducing both labour costs and time.

A Bit about the Founders of ProSe Claims

Karolina Dziadosz graduated from law school in Poland and is currently pursuing her J.D. at UC Hastings.

Karolina has various experience working in business immigration, as well as building privacy and cybersecurity for a financial-tech startup. Karolina is actively involved in the Polish Professional Women in Silicon Valley Initiative.

Justin MacFayden—also a UC Hastings graduate (doctor of law)—studied international arbitration and start-up law at the University of Copenhagen.

His background includes studies in legal technology, internet law, venture capital law, and enterprise risk-management.

Justin also brings his skills to PainWorth as a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

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