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PainWorth Announces First of Its Kind Pro Bono Personal Injury Claims Settlement Help

Jacob Cathro
Content Writer

PainWorth has always been the easiest, and most affordable way to help settle your personal injury claim.

Recently though, we've noticed more and more people are searching for some "pro Bono" help with their claims. And we thought: we’re pro Bono! But maybe people don’t know it yet. So, today we're proud to officially announce it AND some new pro Bono resources!

"We love our many users here at PainWorth and, In The Name of Love, we thought, why not make our app even more pro Bono?” said PainWorth's Director of Marketing, Bryan Saunders.

"So, along those lines, we're proud to announce that we're teaming up with everyone in the legal and insurance ecosystem who is pro Bono to deliver some brand new pro Bono services!"

New Directory of pro Bono Resources

The first of these new pro Bono services will be a soon-to-be-launched directory of all the pro Bono personal injury lawyers from all around the world. Not just pro Bono lawyers in Dublin, but also Edmonton, Toronto, and Calgary too! These lawyers, coincidentally, have incredible taste in music.  

“Our app can do a lot, but it couldn't yet help you find pro Bono lawyers. We feel that adding this additional feature will really help personal injury claimants who Still Haven’t Found What [They’re] Looking for, in trying to settle their claim,” Saunders added.

"Additionally, we just really felt—as a team—that adding more pro Bono features like this to the PainWorth platform would really help us get the Edge we're looking for."

Early User reactions so far

It really can seem that personal injury claims are settled in Mysterious Ways, which is why here at PainWorth we want to give our users access to as much information as possible, to help them along their settlement journey.  

Don’t take it from us though, take it from our users!

“I really didn’t know where to start after I was injured in a car accident," personal injury claimant Ali Hewson told PainWorth, "For starters, it took place in an area Where the Streets Have No Name.”

To make matters worse, Hewson wasn't sure if she had a claim.

“My injuries weren’t substantial, it wasn’t... you know... a Sunday Bloody Sunday or anything... so I was left wondering if a lawyer would even take my case," she added.  

“The whole insurance settlement process is so confusing: it's like, the more you see, the less you know,” continued Hewson, "Before PainWorth helped me, it just seemed that I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. But now, with PainWorth, I know much more now than I did then!"

And what would Hewson tell other people with personal injury claims?

"I would definitely recommend trying PainWorth. It is a great pro Bono app!”

Why We Created Our pro Bono PainWorth App

PainWorth was founded in 2019 by Mike Zouhri, who himself was a personal injury victim frustrated by the lack of good pro Bono legal help.

"From day one, our team felt the pain firsthand of not knowing where to start after a personal injury, and we wanted to make it better, not just for ourselves, but for U2," Zouhri explained.

"The overload of information when dealing with an insurance claim can feel like a City of Blinding Lights," Zouhri added. "But all you’ve got to do is get yourself together, even when you’ve got stuck in a moment and now you [feel like you] can’t get out of it. Just turn to PainWorth, and we'll help you with our pro Bono services."

PainWorth is also super easy to use, Zouhri concluded.

"The PainWorth calculator will ask you quick and easy questions like 'Is it (your injury) getting better, or do you feel the same?' and this helps our app determine via data science and machine learning what your settlement may be worth! It’s no wonder so many of our users are telling us that 'All I Want Is You!'"

Try it today!

So, what are you waiting for? With PainWorth, you’ve found a friend to take you out of this place (of not being able to settle your claim)?

We suppose you could even say that we're someone who can lend you a hand, in return for grace.

Truly, it's a Beautiful Day to try PainWorth! And that’s no April Fool's joke!

Happy April Fool's Day!

*Our lawyers insisted that we inform you that, Ali Hewson, the wife of 22-time Grammy-award-winning U2 singer Bono, is in no way associated with PainWorth. Her quotes in this article are entirely fictional.*

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